About Patternlet

Have you ever searched the web for the perfect background, texture, or pattern for a web or graphic design project only to find out that it was too big ? Or maybe it was too generic looking and overused ?

You are neither the first nor the last. Unfortunately the internet is filled with free but low quality backgrounds, textures, and patterns mostly in the form of large jpeg files. This site aims to fix that by becoming the largest ever CC0 collection of seamless patterns for your use and abuse. What are you waiting for ? View them in action and download and use them in whatever way you see fit. If you would like to let me know where you used one or if you want to submit a pattern yourself, please contact me via the contact page. I also run isitamyth.com (an informational website on common misconceptions) as well as bgwallpapers.com (a website that offers free backgrounds/wallpapers/textures which are also licensed under the CC0 like the patterns on this site). Although everything on these sites are completely free to use, like anything else that requires work, updating and maintaining these sites takes time and effort and as such any financial support is greatly appreciated (scroll down to the footer if you want to make a donation or sign up for some of the best hosting around for which I receive an affiliate commission). Thank you very much in advance for any support!

If you are unsatisfied with these patterns check out https://www.patterncooler.com/. It is run by my friend Harvey Rayner and has 1000s of patterns that are high customizable!